1. Glen Askey is an Industrial Designer
  2. Glen Askey is a (computer) scientist
  3. Glen Askey loves building things
  4. Glen Askey really loves kindness
  5. He would like to meet you

Glen Askey is a design researcher in New Zealand. In 2014 he graduated from Waikato University with a BSc in Computer Science. In 2018 he completed a BDI in Industrial Design.

He enjoys finding new ways to communicate and helping people do their best work possible.

He is familiar with all 3D printing and most respective graphics software. He is adept at product prototyping & ideation. He is adept with C#, JAVA, and front-end web.

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Below is a screenshot of "Creative Futures", a media campaign designed for the new-in-2018 conference.

I have designed marketing with Adobe CC, prototypes with Arduino, websites with Javascript, 3D models with Rhino, Voxel prints with Houdini, renders with Keyshot, and products with CNC.

I have developed websites in ASP.NET MVC and Ruby on Rails, migrated data in SSIS & worked with SQL Server reporting, and built applications in Visual Studio and Eclipse.

Below is a some of my mechano-surrealist art.

I enjoy making things; whether that involves 3D printing, CNC machining, 3D modelling, web development, game design, illustration, carpentry or all of those things simultaneously depends on how I felt about breakfast this morning.

View my portfolio Here